Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hangover into Haze

January 12, 2012

Oh no he didn't: Really Ron Paul? After an impressive showing in NH, you had to thank the Manchester Union-Leader for not endorsing you? If you want to run as the anti-establishment guy, fine. If you want to point out that you performed so well without any major endorsements, fine. You had to mention them by name and thank them for not endorsing you? For what purpose? What was your desired result? You've been spending too much time next to Newt in these debates - he's rubbing off on you through osmosis.

I'm calling Shenanigans: ...on Chris Cillizza (whom I happen to like). Newt isn't a populist, Santorum may be one (sort of), but the only true populist in the Republican race is Rick Perry? Couldn't one make just as strong a case for Ron Paul then? Was the HPV vaccine thing a populist move?

More Cillizza: On Hardball last night, Cillizza stated that he felt the theme of the 2012 election will be "how much government do we want and when do we want it?" While that's one theme running through the Republican primary, will it really be a theme in the general? Does Obama want to have that conversation? I hope you're right, Chris, but I'm not holding my breath.

The 11th Commandment: ...has been thrown right out the window in the Republican primaries. Not long ago, it was prerequisite for a Republican candidate to evoke Ronald Reagan. Has the veneer gotten duller over the years? Are people remembering the introduction of massive new federal agencies and increasing deficits? Ronnie we hardly knew ye.

Rachel Rachel: Couldn't help but be struck by the Rachel Maddow commercial regarding Social Security. She claims that since the financial meltdown, one group that's holding its own is senior citizens. REALLY? What about all those people who had to put off their retirement because their 401k's tanked? What about the impact of a falling dollar (because of runaway debt) on those with fixed incomes? Do you have any idea of how expensive drugs are for seniors, even with government assistance? Is Social Security going to fill those gaps for them? Ms. Maddow says Social Security is not a Ponzi scheme - agreed. She says it is not bankrupt - agreed. She says it works - REALLY? With all due respect, how the heck do you  KNOW that? you're 38 years old and you have NO idea. I'm 50 and I have no idea. I can tell you what I've heard from some seniors, anecdotally. But I don't KNOW. Shame, girl.

Mr. Listerine: Yes, I'm talking about Chris Matthews. I love him but I hate him. While discussing the Adelson Super PAC ads regarding Bain, Matthews asked Andrew Ross Sorkin if running these ads is fair? Seriously??? How about asking if they're true??? Did that woman really work for a company that had been bought by Bain? Which company? What really happened to the company? Was it a ridiculously bloated organization that need to trim its competitive sails? What did this woman do there? Was she a performer or was she dead weight dragging the organization down? I'm not saying anything in the ad was false...I'm saying that someone needs to check some facts. Someone like a journalist. Maybe someone who spent several years as a JOURNALIST (not commentator) for the SF Examiner??? Sorkin was honest in his answer (he wasn't sure if the ads would work or not); Matthews again scaled the heights of intellectual dishonesty. I can't believe they taught that at the College of the Holy Cross.

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