Sunday, February 12, 2012

Where is the love?

So Mitt Romney is back in the winner's circle. Yes, it was in a state neighboring the state where he served as governor. Yes, it was only by 3 points. Yes, it was with a percentage total significantly lower than he reached in 2008. But somehow, this will be spun as good news.

News flash for Team Romney: That pile of steaming manure under the Christmas tree does NOT mean you're getting a pony for Christmas. You're not going to win the White House by sucking less than the other guy. People "like" you the way Mrs. Cleaver liked Eddie Haskell. The man considered to be a "conservative alternative" to John McCain in 2008 looks like a Rhode Island Republican in 2012.

Between the Tea Partiers, Iranophobic neo-cons, birthers and conservatives who are just plain tired of Obama, Republican voters should be far more energized in 2012 than in 2008. Turnout is down significantly. How many times have we heard that the top (or only) priority is to unseat Obama? So why aren't people descending on polling places like Mongolian hordes? Because Romney doesn't excite/energize/motivate anyone. He's a swell guy, and would have made a fine Republican nominee in 1956. But if he gets the GOP nod in August, he's going down like a sack of buh-day-duhs in November. It's not that the base will vote for someone else, it's that they just won't vote.

This must all be a secret plan to pave the way for Chris Christie in 2016. Is there another rational explanation for why the GOP gave this thing away months ago? OK, maybe they're just not that bright.

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